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Our support team is available 24 x 7 and they can be reached via LIVE CHAT, Telegram chat, and email.

As you can trade micro lots, you can start with as less as 500 USD. However, your deposit is up to you and you can choose it depending on your financial situation. Keep in mind if you want to maximize the returns and profits, you need to make a significant financial investment as it can turn to be crucial. DO NOT INVEST MONEY YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO LOSE!

As a part of our recommendation, we will advise you to use a major legitimate forex brokerage. You must make it a point to use the broker for the sake of getting gold trades as well. However, it is not mandatory to use the same brokers as we recommend and you are free to use any broker that you prefer. In the materials on the site, we have described how and why it is important to work with the best brokers in the industry. Contact us if you want to find out who is the best broker for your position.

Previous performances showed that you can expect at least 1500-2000 pips per month. These results apply to each type of our signals. Therefore, if you use the two types of signals, we offer you can expect above said pips per month. Of course, that varies but we will do our best to provide a great service to you as a client.

Forex trading is not completely risk-free, but when professionals manage the deals, the risk is minimized. Like every type of investment, Forex contains possible risks. Forex traders face these risks because of the great possibilities for large earnings which Forex provides.

There is no limit. There is enough for everyone to make a fortune, but remember the market can go against you as well. You can lose your money in just a few minutes if you are hasty and don’t take steps to reduce risks.

The level of credit you get on your currency investment from your broker. You can choose between a vast range of leverage amounts. Most brokers usually offer up to 1:100 (meaning for example – 1,000 USD becomes worth 100,000 USD of traded currency!). There are some brokers that offer even higher leverage, like 1: 200.Remember, high leverage is far riskier while also potentially far more profitable. No other market can compete with this scale of leverage.

The currency pair market has two directions and we can take advantage of the movement not regardless of its direction. We can make money both from buying and selling. It is enough to have the right signals. It is the best possible time for FOREX trading and for profit, when there are cataclysms, as volatility rises significantly, which allows us to gain from the movements.

The main difference between us and other similar companies that provide signals is that our signals are actually working. We are a team of professionals with many years of experience in the financial markets. Teamwork makes the dream work. We do not mislead traders that they will become millionaires in a few days. We offer a realistic view of the market. Compared to our competitors, we offer a much higher quality of service. Unlike other signal providers, we stand behind our results by offering you accurate entry, exit and deal management.

We are neither a broker nor a trading platform, but a group of traders just like you. Trading is our business. Our site is tailored for both beginners and traders with many years of experience on the market. If you have experience and an account you can use our alerts and increase your profits you should enter the Package section on our website, select the sign package of your choice for subscription and after making payment you will receive a message on service subscription to your WhatsApp number.

You should enter the Package section on our website, select the signal package of your choice for subscription and after making payment you will receive a message on service subscription to your WhatsApp /Telegram number.

You can receive signals in major and minor pairs, gold and oil.

During the day you can receive minimum 2, and maximum 6 signals. Depending on market volatility and risk limitation the number of signals can change.

Like in any business forex trading has also risky sides. From this perspective for protecting your initial capital and profit the important issue to focus on will be the money management. Counted in lots volume our service recommends for every signal 0.01 mini lot size per 500$ deposit.

  • Per 1000$ – 0.02 mini lot size
  • Per 2000$ – 0.04 mini lot size
  • Per 5000 $ – 0.10 lot
  • Per 10000$ – 0.2 lot

As opposed to other services we maximally try to use the pending orders. In this case because of interval between the current price and pending order price it is very convenient for the client to see the signal in time. Approximately 30% of our signals are consisted of pending orders (buy limit, sell limit and buy stop, sell stop).